Huynh Tan Anh


Place Vietnam

Project NBD

Gender Male

This is Anh. He was born a deaf-mute. For a while, his family sent him to a center for the disabled but it wasn't effective. His family brought him home and tried to integrate Anh into a traditional school. Because Anh is a deaf-mute child, it was harder for him to keep up with his friends. He would watch his teachers and do his writings without any real understanding of the work he was doing. After a while, a neighbor introduced the family to the New Beginnings School. Even though his house is 10 km from school, Anh goes to school regularly. At first, he was shy but now he is happier and more open. Anh's favorite subject is math. After school, he will often do extra homework without being asked. This additional practice has helped Anh do math more quickly and correctly. He says that he is not excellent at writing but he thinks it has improved a lot. He is proud to say that he can write his name, his parents' names and ages, and a few words about his daily life. Sometimes he has spelling mistakes but he doesn't let that discourage him. He also learns from watching oral form. Anh studies character development to help him have more skills in life. His teachers and classmates think that Anh is a good friend and very enthusiastic about life. He is always willing to help his friends when they are in need and he easily shares with others. He is very respectful of those around him, especially the elderly. He knows how to apologize when he makes a mistake, shows gratitude when he receives gift, and he isn't afraid to ask for help when he needs it. Anh and his family would like to send many thanks.